Saturday, May 30, 2009

Not your time yet Gramps!

What is it with old people travelling in buses at peak hour?

Now, I’m one of those million commuters in Bombay city who has to travel for more than an hour and switch two (and sometimes three) modes of transport to get to work. Stepping out of the house with this thought is exhausting in itself. To make matters worse, the buses will always have people spilling out of them. Someone’s holding on to a window for dear life, someone’s head’s sticking out because there’s no room for it in the bus, someone’s forcibly smelling Jasmine oil off another’s hair, someone’s scratching someone else(no, no, not accidentally!) … It’s a whole different crazy in there!

And then, there are the Senior Citizens. The old people. The retirees. The vintage silver.
As much I love these people, they take up way too much room… and time. Slow to get in, slow to get out, with walking sticks that hit and trip people.

My big question is... Where are they hurrying off to at 9 AM on a weekday?
They have no jobs, no deadlines and no bosses breathing down their throats. So, where are they going?
To a laughter club meeting? To discuss the days of yore? To buy new pyjamas?
What could be so urgent that they have to, they must, travel between 9 -10 AM on a weekday.
Are they still working? Has the Government started a new job plan for these guys? Are they starting a mini exodus escaping to a new land, in bits, every morning?

And then more aggravation! … The issue with the seats!
We already have one or two meant for these oldies. Now when there’s more vintage mass than the seats allotted, normal non-vintage mass has to vacate seats for them to sink in.
Result: One more standee, thus, less standing space for all, thus, more suffocation!
The vicious vintage cycle!

I love them, but seriously... Get off the road, Gramps! It's not your time yet!