Thursday, November 5, 2009

An 'ooo' moment

While talking to the super geeky Performing Flea, who likes to keep it elementary, and enjoys it when people do the same while talking to him:
He has no time
I have no money
We’re polar opposites and love each other’s company

Monday, November 2, 2009

'You & I' performed by Wilco feat. Feist

I shied away from posting this, but it’s just so insanely perfect, it gives me goose bumps!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

People are Tools

No I don’t mean tools tools, I mean the other kind of tools. The kind that help you fix things, make it easier to drill a hole in the wall, fix a door, tighten a screw.

After a few months of diving in and out of a particularly sticky situation, I’ve realized that some people are sent your way with a purpose. In all possibility, they don’t know the purpose and neither do you. They’re just that friend of a friend you get along really well with or that guy you swapped two e-mails with or perhaps, in some cases, that weird dude who is hell bent on showing you his collection of butterfly wings.

The important part is the time bound responsibility they come with. It could be something as elementary as helping you realize that weird butterfly wing guy and you have much more in common than more than half the people you know or perhaps discovering that you don’t shriek at the sight of all insects, something that’s passable as a tiny self-discovery.

No one really knows the reason, until it catches up with you and stares you in the face, refusing to budge!
Of course this almost always happens only in retrospect.

So remember to keep it simple.
Don’t be passive, but don’t be too active either. If people want to waltz into your life, let them. If they want to waltz out, let them.

They did their job, accomplished their mission, now they’re just an extra.
And let them be that way. Don’t create a role for them, use them or over exploit them; build a bubble or a fairy tale around them.

That would be much like forcing a square peg to fit into a round hole.
And we all know how that’s just never going to happen.