Monday, March 8, 2010

Arrack on the Weekend

‘Arrack in the Afternoon’ was picked off the shelf at the Hyderabad airport bookstore amidst a swan song reunion tour that was howling wild.

I acquired the book at an equal bargain price; Kiran Nagarkar’s ‘Ravan and Eddie’.

To put it in 140 characters, the book is an ‘honest, depressing yet laugh-out-loud humorous account of the life of Verghese Konnikara, miserable drunk turned acclaimed God man.’

Set in Bombay, it also features the goddesses of suburban housing complexes, Takshila (Andheri East) and I.C. Colony(Borivali West).

Here’s a quote from the book by the protagonist’s self depreciating father, Kochapu Konnikara:
"You know why Malayalis and Irishmen make great poets son? Because poetry is the profession of dreamers and drunks."

This picture was taken after I was done with the book, at three am, on an early Sunday morning.

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