Monday, March 15, 2010

Old School

In a rush of
Text and Twitter
Email and DM
And all things electronic
We forgot
How we could get out of touch
And celebrate a little more
When we met again.
Or share the same breathing space
And not reach out
Via short messenger.
But instead
Rely on a roving eye
For a familiar face
Or a dancing frame.
And briskly look away
When we find the other
Mostly ever so eager
And now
Pretentiously engrossed
Sans bother.
Only to be
Caught unaware
With a sidling hand
And a familiar hug
Big, warm, groovy.
To exchange words
That would safely graze the offensive.
And gestures
That would make the stone-faced snicker.
Be harmless and inert
With no hurry to get anywhere
With anyone or anything.
Choose to
Just be lax
And relapse
Into the soft comfort
Of stupid stories and sonnets
Of people, places and planets.
Take our time
Ride the tide
Exit the neon
And hang by the side.


  1., you are (from the luks of it - the blogs, the twitter posts) an artist, an advertising firm employee (?), an almost-poet/writer.....impressive! I cant help but like your taste!

  2. wonderfully well concocted!