Friday, June 25, 2010

Blame It on the World Cup?

Dear nice people I've met in the past few months,

I'm sorry that you had to bear me unexpectedly headbutting you when you came to kiss me on the forehead.
As strategic and well planned as it seemed, it wasn't. Heck, even I don't know where I picked up a reflex like that from. Or when?
Maybe it's the World Cup. Maybe its Zidane not playing the World Cup. I'm not quite sure.
While I am well aware that it wasn't quite the reciprocation you were expecting, I can't really understand why all of you are so mad. Or startled. I mean, we are living in an age where kids are getting abducted by their nannies, and some guy is leaving a two rupee coin behind after raping young girls.
So, sorry nice people, but it only seems like my neurons went into self defense mode (when they was no real need for it!) For that I apologize!
But if being on the safe side means making your lip bleed a little, so be it!

Thank you.

P.S.: I always carry some lip balm and cotton in my bag. The next time I headbutt you, feel free to ask me for some.

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