Thursday, July 29, 2010

Watch Me!

For I am Young. And I am Talented. Or so says the fat Gold that BBC thought I was worth!

Woohoohoo @webchutney! :D RT @gabfest: 3 Cheers for @giddyja who just won the BBC Talent to Watch Award at the BBC & Campaign India Awards!less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Holy Perspective Aravani!

A year (and a little more) of travelling to Versova every day has meant that I exchange pleasantries, small talk and big, fat grins with a lot of people en route. Like the take out guys at Mc Donalds who watch sympathetically as I cuss at auto wallahs refusing to give me a ride or the watchman at the UTI ATM who looks like he might kick the bucket any minute or the TC who fits the image of a 'Khurana Uncle' with his neatly oiled hair, crisp white shirt and gutkha stained teeth.

And finally, the pretty eunuch at the signal who greets me with a 'Haay, haav aar you?' and follows it up with a, 'Naashta kiya?' almost every day.

The other morning as my auto halted a little longer than usual, I was allowed a few more minutes of conversation with her. (I say ‘her’, because I once watched a documentary about the Aravanis from Andhra and how they prefer to be referred to as female, so I applied the same logic here.)

She: (sticks her head into the auto and places her hand on my bag) Naashta kiya?Haay!
Me: (as I handed her loose change) Haan kiya
She: Kahaan jaa rahey ho?
Me: Offiss!
She: Offiss jaa rahe ho aap?
Me: Aap kahaan rehtey ho?(Pointing in the direction of the station) Yahan?
She: No! Hum Sion koliwada.
Me: Haan? Itnee door?
She: Kya karein? Karna padta hai.
Just then our conversation was interrupted by crazy bellowing horns, which in Bombay terms means the green light is on and traffic is finally moving.
She: Okseeyou Madam!
Me: Bye!

Consequently, my rickshah driver got back to navigating through traffic, my Aravani got back to standing under the traffic signal waiting for it to turn red, and I started feeling like a total uptown retard for complaining relentlessly about traveling for an hour everyday to get to work* irrespective of the fact that I would be greeted by nice people, smashing ideas, an air conditioner, several lunch boxes and a wide, open terrace.

And so, once again, I decided to stop complaining**.

Because c'mon, it hardly gets any worse than living at Sion Koliwada. In a colony of eunuchs. Travelling by the Central line. Then coming to work. To beg. For a livelihood. Raised to infinity.

*In 3 different modes of transport, mind you! ... Whaaa? I had to mention it because I'm still very accepting of pity looks and points.

**Let's see how long this lasts. I'm working with a 40 day time frame.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Music Monday #4

I watched Laura Marling and Mumford and Sons in December last year when they toured India and performed live at the Bandra Amphitheatre, post which both artistes headed to Goa to shoot videos with the sweet and uber talented gang from Babblefish.
'To Darkness' sees the Mumford Sons and Marling collaborate with traditional Rajasthani folk collective, the Dharohar Project, to make some brilliant music, all of which is now available for download on iTunes, and all of which is so easy to fall in love with.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

All Tool'ed Out

Woke up yesterday with Tool's 'The Pot' playing in my head.
Spent the next three hours singing the first two lines out loud; in the corridor, in the shower, in my mom's face.

'Who are you to wave your finger?
Ya' must have been out your head.'

Woke up this morning, looked at the digital clock on my phone read 6:40.
The first thing that came to mind was Tool's 'Forty Six & 2'

This may have something to do with me stealing that mindbending 10,000 Days album cover (not the album, mind you) from a dear friend when he was fully wasted and focusing his energies on pretending like he wasn't.
Or, it might have something to do with the absence of the badass bassist who taught me all about odd time signatures as we spent a thousand billion afternoons counting 9/8 in 'Jambi' till I got the fundamentals of the compound meter right.
And started tapping my feet and the table in congruence with ALL of Tool's music.
All of it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Haters Gonna Hate!

Hello 'healthy' people of the world!
Take heart!

Girija walking

7.55am : Head Stand Conversations

Regular morning at home.
Newspaper reading and lunch boxes are in order in the living room and kitchen respectively.
In the bedroom, routine exercises and intensive yoga peacefully coexist alongside each other.

Conversation between 24 yr old daughter and 63 year old father while doing head stands side by side:

Me: Mom's asked you not to make my breakfast today.
Dad: Why?
Me: She thinks we use it as an excuse to fool around and throw banana peels all over the house
Dad: Nonsense.
Me: And she says that sometimes the banana peel goes and hides in one corner of the house somewhere and stays there if the bai doesn’t find it while sweeping
Dad: She should’ve told me this earlier. I already made your breakfast.
Me: Where are the banana peels?
Dad: On the sink outside the bathroom.
Me: You couldn’t put them in the dustbin or what?
Dad: No, I thought we could throw them at Mumma as soon as she came out of the shower.
Me: Hee hee (Deep breath) Hee hee (Deep breath)
Dad: Keep quiet Gijja. You'll lose your balance and hurt your neck.

This is the same conversation I have had with my Dad since forever. I remember it happening when I was 8, 12, 18 and now 24. Well, the numbers aren't perfect, but you get the point! And maybe not while doing head stands, but still.

Clearly, neither of us has gotten over throwing banana peels at each other, or on an innocent unsuspecting victim (read: my sister or mum).
And clearly, we're not at all about acting our age in the comfort of our home. Or otherwise.

Some things never change.
Oh the sweet comfort of family!
If it wasn't for them, I'd be throwing banana peels at you. Or people passing by.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Viral Truth

In a country where 9 out of 10 women still opt for sanitary pads instead of tampons, I think I can safely say that:

Whether you're in digital advtg or not, telling your girlfriends to use tampons instead of pads is the most "viral" thing you'll ever do!less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Monday, July 19, 2010

Music Monday #3

This post comes almost a year after Reverend and the Makers returned to the indie scene with their second studio album, 'A French Kiss in the Chaos.' In spite of hearing great reviews of their performance at Glasto 2009, it wasn’t till David Bianchi's (their manager) appearance at Unconvention in November that I managed to sit myself through the entire album.

This second release is a wild assortment of music ranging from 60’s psychedelia to pop rock. However, the Reverend (as vocalist Jon Mc Clure is popularly known) and his fearless motor mouth seem to be the common factor running through the album, with songs that talk of world issues such as global warming as much as they do about Prozac.

Here's 'Silence is Talking,' a track written about the influencers; people in the media glare, using their popularity for a good cause (or the lack of it.)
Like I said, this is NOT representative of the music on the rest of the album.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Julien Vallee for OFFF 2010

Crazy brilliant video created to showcase the sponsors of the OFFF Festival (digi + cultural media) by graphic designer Julien Vallee who's work is just amazing!
O and the audio is so perfectly fitting!

Dear Guys

When you tell us women that a lot of gay men hit on you, are you slyly implying that we should think you’re attractive too?
I really hope not.
Because the minute you say that, in our heads, we’re running through lists of our gay friends we wouldn’t mind hooking you up with.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Your Ipod's on the Floor.

I was charging my ipod at work when it fell from the top of the CPU and landed face upwards on the floor.
I was very tempted to pick it up and put it back on top, but instead I just let it lie there.

This is my brain during those three seconds:
My ipod is on the floor.
Should I pick it up?
Would letting it lie on the floor mean I'm disrespecting it?
(My mother always told me letting things lie on the floor had something to do with disrespect. I cannot quite fathom what but that connection was made when I was a child and it stuck.)

Maybe I should let it lie there.
Su loved putting things on the floor.
In our hostel room there'd always be books lying on the floor near the head of the bed.
(This had something to do with them being withing arm's reach and when I saw it happening around me so much I thought it to be extremely practical, provided you had a clean floor. Also, it didn't imply disrespect at all.)

So after staring at the ipod for a while and clouding my mind with these multi layered contradictions, I decided to let it lie there, on a firm floor, with the cable resting easy on the side, glancing at it every now and then as it stared at my legs.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Music Monday #2

Hooked onto The Kooks since last week.
This happened last year as well.
I give myself a month with these guys.
I assume the obsession will wear thin quite soon. But right now they make for excellent companions on late night train journeys in an empty ladies first class. I've also mastered the vocalist's voice, with the nasalness et al and plan to put on a performance for anyone who's willing to listen.
And for some really strange reason the official Youtube releases don't allow blogs to embed the video so I'm going to resort to the more convenient option of putting up the one with a picture of the four pretty lads and audio. So that way, you can listen to the music while doing whatever it is you do.

Other songs by them that I love; Jackie Big Tits , She Moves in Her Own Way and Ooh La (I love this video!)
Go get Kooked!

Theories That Will Never Be Proved

If your present boyfriend's ex is 'awesome' (in the sense that, objectively, you wouldn't mind living her life for a day), and you know that she'd initiated the split , it's a good pointer to reconsider your options.

This obviously isn't a hard and fast rule, just something I've deciphered after careful observation.

This theory will also never be proved, ever, because, either, you will never have a conversation with the ex, or, even if you do, the chances of her telling you that your boy was bad in bed are close to minimal... unless she really cares about you. In which case, you need to give props for honesty, dump the boyfriend and start dating the ex instead.

Too Long for Twitter

Accidentally tripping over pictures of an ex looking eugh while you're still trying to get over them is a feeling very similar to finding money in your pocket.


P.S.: I’m not trying to get over anyone. I wish I was though. Because that would mean that at some point I'd dated someone that amazing. But alas.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sweet Relief!

Let me overdo this while I can. Because a few hours from now, I might not feel the same way about sharing it.
Also, this Twitter screen shot is brought to you by Robin Sloan's Blackbird Pie, introduced to me by dramaqueen

Telling someone they make your stomach flip, in a cute butterfly in your tummy way, is one of the most awesomely relieving feelings ever!less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

On Taking Criticism Well

I have been told more than five times that I take criticism really well.
On a rough estimate, three out of those five times, it's come from the same people who criticized me, or provided me with feedback, as I'd like to put it.

While all of it doesn't make me feel too bad about myself, I just wish I had the heart to tell most of them that the only reason I listened to them so patiently was because I didn't really give a damn about what they were saying or think that their opinion counted at all.

Because, we can't control people wanting to throw shit at us, but we can be selective about making a noise about it in case it hits us in the face or leaves a stain on our beautiful beige jackets.


There's a huge demographic of bored, dissatisfied 24-30 year olds wanting to 'quit their job' and 'do something else' that some brand of wine needs to tap into. Soon.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Over BBM

Tired of wasting mind space on my Ordinary Love Story, I finally made a feeble attempt at warning him about how my insides do a little cartwheel every time we communicate, digitally or otherwise.

“Oi! Free later tonight? Want to fill you in on the horribly huge crush I have on you and engage in some awkward giggling afterward. Haa?”

Pretty ok I think.
I would totally be free later tonight had I received this message.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Finger Flower

Music Monday #1

From now on, every Monday, I'm going to post a track I like from the international/Indian indie scene. So, lovely music from some talented, not-so-well-known band that performed at Glasto, Download or some other major music festival in the UK.

This week it's 'Spitting Fire' by 'The Boxer Rebellion', an alt rock band from the UK. I discovered them in June 2009, with the release of their album 'Union' and rediscovered them a year later.

One reason I love this track? The line, 'I spit fire. On lovers and liars.'And also because of the song's up-tempo start.
The video posted is static, which means it's not really a video but loads super fast. So, kind of sad, but not really.