Monday, July 19, 2010

Music Monday #3

This post comes almost a year after Reverend and the Makers returned to the indie scene with their second studio album, 'A French Kiss in the Chaos.' In spite of hearing great reviews of their performance at Glasto 2009, it wasn’t till David Bianchi's (their manager) appearance at Unconvention in November that I managed to sit myself through the entire album.

This second release is a wild assortment of music ranging from 60’s psychedelia to pop rock. However, the Reverend (as vocalist Jon Mc Clure is popularly known) and his fearless motor mouth seem to be the common factor running through the album, with songs that talk of world issues such as global warming as much as they do about Prozac.

Here's 'Silence is Talking,' a track written about the influencers; people in the media glare, using their popularity for a good cause (or the lack of it.)
Like I said, this is NOT representative of the music on the rest of the album.

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