Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Looong Weekend

The looong weekend is finally here. Though I don't seem to be feeling excited about it at all.
As opposed to everyone I know who's driving out of the city, I'm going to be at home, horizontal... just the way I like it. There will be food. There will be doodling. There will be music.
What more do you need?

Leigh of Marvellous Kiddo put up this picture that made me melt.

Blik, my favourite Wall Graphics guys made the cutest wall puzzles for kids

Jugaad and "...the art of holistic (and therefore lateral) thinking, of unbound, resilient creativity, and of improvisation and rapid prototyping under severe constraints."

Everyone in America is raving about

These fictional brands were made only for the movie!

For everyone who likes it old school, Postcardly turns your emails into postcards.

I could learn a few lessons from this girl about making skinny and flatchested look good and from this girl about wearing white on white.

P.S.: The Happy Weekend sticker is still under construction. Hang on.