Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Weekend

The sole highlight this week was the Anna Andolan and people power. I know someone who got detained in a prison cell (and wasted no time in updating his Facebook status via his phone while behind bars) I know many others who went to protest wearing their Anna hats, despite the rains pissing down on us. Anyway...

I cannot handle these bracelets. I think I'm fainti

I just found infographics from over the world in one place. Get outta here, you're going to be such a time suck.

Please don't eat these coasters.

The editor of Open magazine wrote this spectacular piece on India's present anti-corruption frenzy for the NYT. (Thanks Su!)

Listen up matrons! This is how you make dorms seem less like dungeons. Howlarious!

Under 18 Fashion Bloggers I didn't know about.


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