Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If it's an Ex, it must be Breakfast

Of all the meals there are, breakfast dates are best suited to catch up with exes.
By and large, I'm not a big fan of 'meeting up' with past boyfriends. There is a reason why they're in the past, right?
However, sometimes, if you dated someone who was still pretty stellar at being pushy or you still hadn’t mustered the courage to say 'no' or perhaps if you just couldn’t squirm your way out of the impending awkwardness any longer, choose to meet over breakfast.

Here is why.

Firstly, most places that offer breakfast do a fairly decent job, whether it’s the bun maska and chai at Kyani and Co. or bacon and eggs at Crepe Station. That way, no matter how things are on the outside, on the inside, your stomach's going to be happy.

Secondly, if it's not going well, you can zone out, do the occasional nod, repeat, “Oh yeah! I get what you're saying” thrice then insist you have to rush to work. On the flipside, if it's going well, you can eat at peace, order some more honey toast with a side of stupid old stories and call in late for work.

Thirdly, and most importantly, breakfast comes with a start and end time.
It is assumed that no two people who once dated will take grand efforts to meet each other. Then there’s always the ‘I should be a little late’. This means that scheduled times are always pushed back by half an hour. To top it off there's work at the back of your mind and a ticking watch on your wrist that reminds you of the job you so hate but must report to.

And finally, the chances of you calling in sick at work and choosing to spend breakfast, lunch and dinner with an ex are close to zilch. Largely because, if you did so, on a personal level you'd spend the next few weeks or months second guessing yourself, on a public level, you'd be giddy with embarrassment if anyone found out, and all in all, in the long run, you know you'd just regret the colossal waste of a good day.

Be wise. Do breakfast.

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