Wednesday, July 21, 2010

7.55am : Head Stand Conversations

Regular morning at home.
Newspaper reading and lunch boxes are in order in the living room and kitchen respectively.
In the bedroom, routine exercises and intensive yoga peacefully coexist alongside each other.

Conversation between 24 yr old daughter and 63 year old father while doing head stands side by side:

Me: Mom's asked you not to make my breakfast today.
Dad: Why?
Me: She thinks we use it as an excuse to fool around and throw banana peels all over the house
Dad: Nonsense.
Me: And she says that sometimes the banana peel goes and hides in one corner of the house somewhere and stays there if the bai doesn’t find it while sweeping
Dad: She should’ve told me this earlier. I already made your breakfast.
Me: Where are the banana peels?
Dad: On the sink outside the bathroom.
Me: You couldn’t put them in the dustbin or what?
Dad: No, I thought we could throw them at Mumma as soon as she came out of the shower.
Me: Hee hee (Deep breath) Hee hee (Deep breath)
Dad: Keep quiet Gijja. You'll lose your balance and hurt your neck.

This is the same conversation I have had with my Dad since forever. I remember it happening when I was 8, 12, 18 and now 24. Well, the numbers aren't perfect, but you get the point! And maybe not while doing head stands, but still.

Clearly, neither of us has gotten over throwing banana peels at each other, or on an innocent unsuspecting victim (read: my sister or mum).
And clearly, we're not at all about acting our age in the comfort of our home. Or otherwise.

Some things never change.
Oh the sweet comfort of family!
If it wasn't for them, I'd be throwing banana peels at you. Or people passing by.


  1. Very nice.
    You got real laughter out of me.
    (very different from the the lol of the late 90s and the emoticons of today)