Thursday, September 2, 2010

To Hoard or Not To Hoard aka But Then Again...

I never know what to do with pretty clothes that don't fit me.
Like this fiery short skirt I picked up at one of those thrift shops a few months ago.
Its silk, has checks in very lovely colours and a thick, black satin tie back belt around the waist.

Now, here's the thing; when I bought it, it just about fit me.
But I assumed I would stay the same size wise or accept the discomforts that come with garments that 'just about fit' for at least a few hours. Turns out, I'm very averse to discomfort even when it comes to clothes. As a result, every time I've taken it out to wear it, I put it back in thinking it wont be comfy enough if I drink too much or eat too much or basically because it might look like a tutu.
So I thought of giving it away.

But then again, here's the dilemma.
I have held on to stretch denim shorts (1997 ya'll!) from the time I was 13 and worn them to a gig a few weeks ago. I have held on to corduroy shorts from the time I was 18 and worn it to the beach a few months ago. Which means, I'm hoping that, like before, my waist will shrink or the skirt will magically expand or Vogue will tell us that tutus are now haute couture.

But then again, since reality won't always give in to my demands and the chances of any of the above happening are largely minimal, I will resort to the very obvious... Wrapping this prettiness in clean white paper and continuing to hold it hostage... till tutus go mainstream.

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