Thursday, February 24, 2011

There's Global Warming and Corruption, and then, this.

To all the thin girls resorting to the new fat girl ‘I’m not so fat’ outfit of leggings and a tunic/shirt,
If you’re so desperate to cross over into the fat girl category, just stuff yourself with fries.


  1. oh COME ON.

    My sister and I both wear those at times and that's just cause it looks smart..what is the big deal about fat and thin in that?!

  2. I'm a thin girl definitely not want to cross over to the fat girl zone but on my 'fat days' it feels good to know that I have something to wear when I think of my leggings and shirt in my cupboard.
    And I think I can still pass of as a thin girl wearing baggy clothes.
    Anything that creates the right illusion works for me :)