Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where did all the water bottles go?

It really worries me that kids these days carry little water sippers for a whole day of school.
I remember lugging around a red and yellow, one litre water bottle of Milton (the most popular water bottle manufaturing company in the 90s) with a blue cup on top. I hated that it was so badly colour co-ordinated and that I had to carry it in addition to my backpack but I made sure I drank all that water through 9am - 4pm, no matter how many stinky loo breaks it took me, so that I got back home with an empty bottle.
Is this a family-parent issue?
Because I honestly don't think any parent is discouraging their child from drinking too much water.
Kids play, kids sweat, kids do PT, kids need to get out of class every now and then for a loo break, kids need to distract themselves from what's going on in class so that they can have a sip of water.
Are you listening to me mummies and daddies?
Don't fall for the cheap little sippers that the supermarkets are offering. Those are for the housewives to drink from while they shop. They might be attractive and have Barbie on them but they're not for your kids. I trust you know how to raise your children and certainly want the best for them so as the new academic year starts I sincerely hope that you buy your child a nice, big water bottle, one that's well colour co-ordinated. Please.

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