Saturday, August 6, 2011

Oh yeah! Happy Weekend.

Yes! I'm doing 'happy weekend' posts from now on.
(Look! I've even got a sticker and everything!)
I consume so much off the interwebz that it's only natural that I  bookmark the things I love, no matter what category they fall under. So, here is...

The most refreshing article on How to Talk to Little Girls.

I loved Dot, the world's smallest stop motion animation film. And this week, W+K released Gulp, the world's largest stop motion animation film shot on a Nokia N8.

I had no idea Hunter S. Thompson had taken a dig at Henry Miller in the title of this piece.

Waiting for October to look this denim and another country to dress this lazy.

Musicians talk about the worst gigs they've ever played.

photo cred: Apporva Guptay
location: NH7 Weekender, December 2010

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